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Aerospace & Defense

Ribbit Consulting professionals have worked with leaders in the aerospace and defense industries including government space administrations and private defense companies operating within the United States.

Aerospace and Defense Project Examples

    1. Consulted in the change management strategy and activities implementing solutions for SAP Finance, integrating document management and performance support systems, establishing enterprise workforce production across thirteen national space administration centers
    2. Designed curriculum, training and documentation standards for project teams developing concepts, business process procedures, work instructions, work simulations, eLearning courses and instructor facilitated work exercises, integrating back office processes for a defense innovator and manufacturer
    3. Implemented performance technology solutions supporting ERP Change Management and Training Projects, facilitating strategy and planning workshops, designing IT Business solutions, supporting platform installations, developing and delivering project team training, including systems such as SAP Productivity Pak, RWD uPerform, other learning systems

      We pride ourselves on providing solutions within an industry that is a leader in the innovation of technology and the advancement of human knowledge.