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Professional Business Services

Ribbit Consulting is experienced working with other professional service companies implementing solutions internally and partnering together on projects working with mutual customers.

We have extensive experience working with auditing and consulting “Big 4” firms, and other service-oriented companies, providing custom technology solutions and enterprise training support.

Project Examples within the Professional Business Services Industry

    1. Assisted in the design and integration of custom “just in time” help solutions delivering customized SAP training content, supporting over 140,000 employees, for a “Big 4” consulting company
    2. Designed and developed custom ERP training solutions including the integration of systems supporting professional auditing, healthcare advisory, and national tax compliance business units for a “Big 4” auditing firm, supporting over 30,000 employees
    3. Implemented “Learning 2.0” and “Web 2.0” solutions supporting corporate learning initiatives internally implementing social networking solutions for the organization and supporting the sharing of information and the development of an aligned body of knowledge
    4. Developed corporate training programs including employee goal and competency development initiatives, job role training programs, mentoring and personal development plans, supporting organizational change due to new corporate lines of business and initiatives

      Ribbit professionals have the background working with companies across many industries. They bring to the table a seasoned body of knowledge based on real life achievements and experiences.