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Life Cycle Management

Ribbit Consulting is an expert in the life cycle management of systems, knowledge and information essential to your project and the sustainment of your business. Our understanding in the life cycle management of systems and information can be essential to your success in delivering quality, cost-effective and timely solutions to your employees.

Ribbit Consulting has extensive on-hands experience supporting the life cycle management and associated activities with both systems and information life cycle management. Our expertise and knowledge in these areas are key benefits to your projects involving any change management, communication planning, new or improved system implementations, training documentation development and deployment, etc.

Proper life cycle management brings many benefits including ensuring quality systems and solutions are delivered within defined cost estimates and timelines; solutions are within designated scope, available framework and the defined infrastructure; solutions are cost-effective to maintain and improve; ensures accountability; and provides sustainability to the business.

We assist our customers in the alignment of proper life cycle management in many areas including new or improved systems implementations; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects; government regulatory requirements, systems compliance and validation; business performance and employee learning and training initiatives.

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