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Immersive Experience

Ribbit Consulting understands that a person’s knowledge and skills are affected by the environment outside of the classroom. Whether we are assisting you in the development of an experiential learning strategy, implementing a new virtual learning center or hosting your teambuilding events, our commitment to customers is to offer unique and one of a kind learning experience to achieve results.

Ribbit Consulting recognizes that the tools available to support learning and education in the workplace continue to advance. Along with technology, our approach to improving individual’s performance should continue to blend various initiatives. We can help you take advantage of new techniques and technologies to support your new learning initiatives and day to day operational activities.

Ribbit Consulting professionals can work with you to develop and facilitate experiential learning strategies. Experiential learning can result in a highly willed and skilled workforce with firsthand experience in maintaining workflow. We understand experience is only a part of learning. Experiential learning should be a part of an overall strategy of workforce enablement.

We are experienced using collaborative approaches with employees in developing strategies to identify and deliver solutions for business improvement. In addition to popular collaborative support tools, programs and web technologies, we believe that communities of practice designed around business practice or specialties contributing to the sharing of useful information at the right time.

Ribbit Consulting works to develop innovative approaches to address the support of the daily flow of the worker. We can help you identify opportunities and be creative in your employees’ development through experience, collaboration, games and sometimes their virtual connectivity.

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